Project done under direction of Laurent Massaloux and Romain Cuvellier in a partnership with Le Jardin des Plantes. Where I was asked to create a product linked to agriculture for the museum’s shop, and to build a brand around it.

Since most of the visitors of the Jardin des Plantes live in the city, I decided to focus on the challenges given by wanting to grow plants in city apartments. The challenge was both to manage with a small surface, and also to deal with the little amount of natural light available. 

This is how I got to look into hydroponic gardens, a technology developed by NASA for growing plants in space. It is based on providing what the plant needs only through mineral nutrients dissolved in water, circulating through a water pump, and using electric light.

Yggdrasill is a hanging garden that gives people in small apartments the ability to grow flowers, herbs or even small vegetables. This system hangs from the ceiling so it takes up no table or wall space. The garden has the right lighting for the plants to grow healthy. It also has a down lighting so at the same time it can be used as a working light. Drag it down so you can easily access your plants.Inspired by NASA all of their gardens is grown using a mineral nutrient solution, in water and without soil. By this technology the plants grows faster and healthier. Eden makes indoor gardening even easier with their special seeds boxes. The seeds are inside medium full of nutrients that you simple place in the garden, add water and start growing your own plants. Inside there is a water pump that makes sure the plants get the right oxygen and contains a continuous flow.