Project director : Sarngsan Na Soontorn

The paths from an idea to a finished product have been divided into different disciplines in the last few decades : design, manufacturing and craftsmanship. By exploring the intersection of design and making, I researched into creating a process where the production would become a part of the design itself. Instead of making a drawing that then is communicated to a craftsman or a manufacturing company, what happens when the drawing support – the paper –, expends into the reality of a 3 dimensional process ?

Exploring with material that designers have easy access too I choose to work with latex, waterbased resin and mdf wood. After months of trying to push this material in a functional process with out the need of high tech machine I had created a process where I, as a designer, can shape and produce my product in my own studio.


Material : various shaped latex, water based resin, mdf, plywood, wooden sticks, Polystyrene.




Following, I wanted to see how this technique could be used to create objects that needed other materials for a specific purpose. 

As for example : a mirror.

To make this mirror, after I had reached a satisfying shape with the latex, I added a plywood board cut in the size of the mirror and placed it inside the latex. So, even though the mirror is added afterwards it is a part of the shape without having to carve it out afterwards. Here is a video of the process of making the mirror.



For making this bench I use the same technique, I used a sheet of latex and then used wood to stretch it to create the volume.

For this object I had a lot of space to pour the resin, so it came extremely joyful to add layer by layer of different colours and play with the result. At the centre of the table I put a metal pice to strengthen the object (as done with concrete).