Food chain

The game Food Chain is an educational game for children. The game shows how energy is transmitted from one living organism to another via food. To understand the ecological balance on earth it is essential to know the food chain and the importance of each species from each other.

The game has 53 cards . On the front is a plant or animal and on the back which the animal feeds on. The game board is a big carpet divided into 7 sections , covering all the different French landscapes. The game is played by two to four players. Each player starts with 8 cards in hand, the first to play out all his cards wins the game. To start, the player must place a card photosynthesis . The rule of the game is simple, just put out a card that feeds on the species next to it or start a new food chain with photosynthesis card. If a player can not play he draws and passes his turn.

The purpose of the game is to make the children understand how each living species dependent on others for survival. By playing the game the kids will understand how imported the balance between quantity and space and how everything exists together in a delicate balance.