Dis Covering

Questioning the use of colours as a material volume, instead of as a decorative surface I  pursue this research, a series of experiments on how volume and material can be used to present colours, how colours, light and materials react to different circumstances, and how all this changes the way we perceive them, and the way we can visually explore them.

I gathered all my experiments in a research journal, writing down for each of them which material I used, how I used it and what the eyes discover. Click to view research journal.

In my experiments there are four main parameters: scale, time, interaction and material. By scale not only do I mean in size but also in quantity and dimension. I observe plastic geometric sculptures to photographs of splashing water. Some objects stand alone while others only exist in a group. The situations are created by different actions or lighting that lasts only for a fleeting moment. Taking care of mixing opposite mediums, using materials in untypical ways and making them take a opposite look is a key part of my experiments. 

This time dedicated to free research and detached from the idea of a final product, was extremely precious to me. The research method and the journal it produced continued, and got very useful later on in other projects, as you can see following in my portfolio.